Probate and Estate Litigation


Dealing with the loss of a loved one or a loved one’s mental incapacity is a trying time for any family that requires compassion and understanding.  These unfortunate situations are a certainty of life and can carry many complications outside of the grief felt by family and friends.  If probate issues or estate disputes are a problem for you, you need the trusted support and expertise of a law firm with decades of experience. Hayes Hofler P.A. stands ready to guide you through complex legal matters surrounding your probate and estate litigation case.  


Every case of probate and estate litigation is different, and often trying, but with 40 years of experience in civil trial litigation, Hayes Hofler has the experience to help you through cases involving:


  • Injury or damage from broken wills or trusts
  • Violation of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Negligence or reckless conduct of fiduciaries or other interested parties


Every family is as unique as the individuals that it is comprised of.  Probate and estate disputes and litigations can be complicated by complex family disputes or issues that have been brewing over a lifetime. Situations such as multiple marriages, nonstandard estate plans, ill-conceived planning, or dysfunction in a family will complicate the process of working through wills and trusts.  To make sure that your best interests are protected while maintaining an atmosphere of fairness for all involved in the proceedings, contact Hayes Hofler to help settle your probate or estate problem, or litigate it if necessary. today.

 Hayes Hofler will work diligently on your case and provide you with the guidance and advice that only experience can offer.  Whether a fiduciary duty owed by a personal representative of an estate, or one holding a power of attorney, is not being met or there is a dispute over the meaning, interpretation or lack of clarity in a will, trust, or agreement to care for a loved one, professional and compassionate advice from a trusted and experienced civil trial lawyer will help you navigate a complex legal issue in a trying and sometimes tumultuous time.